Kejar Kerjaya

Where we offer a personalized, relaxed, and fun approach to career development.

Job hunting can be a daunting challenge for some people. The long, tedious process, from writing the perfect resume to figuring out where your future career opportunities lie, can be hard to manage, especially for graduates and young professionals.

With Kejar Kerjaya, we help you to navigate and manage your career planning, so you can have a much better and more seamless transition into the working world.

Kejar Kerjaya

“Nothing beats cultivating talent.”
Aida Riko, Kuroko no Basuke

Kejar Kerjaya is Syaza Nazura’s third baby – after her actual baby girl and her first book, Your Best Self: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Self-Love.

Like Aida Riko from Kuroko no Basuke (one of Syaza’s favorite anime series), she believes that every individual is born with a unique set of skills and personalities and is capable of achieving success. Her philosophy is simple – we are all born with the capabilities to be successful, but sometimes, we need a little nudge to help us get started on our journey.

Syaza has been running career workshops and coaching sessions since 2020. She has been invited to speak at various educational institutions in Malaysia and abroad, and has impacted more than 2,500 students and graduates. Her upbeat approach and cheerful personality make her approachable and allow her to create an open and honest discussion with her audience.


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